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Meet Leticia Murandu

An Athlete who wants to become a Nurse.

Leticia was born on November 23, 2003. She resides at Stand Number 12, Village 7, Musena. She lost both her parents to HIV/AIDS and was infected with HIV at birth. Her father died in 2017 and her mother died when she was a little girl. She is currently taking Anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) and is in the care of her brother, Silvanos. Silvanos is unemployed due to back problems that make it difficult for him to work. Leticia completed her primary level in 2017 but was unable to continue with her studies due to a lack of financial resources. Silvanos sought assistance for the education of Leticia's sister from a white farmer nearby, named Mrs. Low. Unfortunately, Low passed away in 2019, discontinuing the aid for Leticia's sister. Leticia looks forward to working very hard in both academics and athletics and she hopes to become a nurse so as to assist others. 

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