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Message from President & CEO

Stanley Ndambakuwa, the President & Founder of the African Community Fund for Education Group

"One day at a time, putting forth hard work, unwavering passion, and determination - I will change this world. I am very excited and more inspired than at any other time. It is one thing to do the work, but it is another thing to see the world begin to change through this work. It's humbling to know that ACFE is here because of people like you who make the decision to choose to support our work. The generosity and sacrifices you make each and every day to support ACFE is indeed my deepest treasure."


"The trust and faith you have bestowed upon me inspire me each and every day, but what keeps me going are the stories I have while working in remote and rural communities. The young people I meet are hopeful, they are hardworking, and they want to change their lives and their communities. Unfortunately, the odds work against them. A few children can afford to go to school, but most will go to bed hungry and there is no real possibility for change. Some are in child labor and child marriages. Some will die of sexually transmitted diseases and most will never go to school. I could just have easily been any one of these kids, but I was given a chance at education and then I became an Obama Scholar - who knew??!!"


"Stories of young people like Prince, Leticia, Joana, and Elizabeth, are only a handful of the many that have touched my heart. We can all do more for the world. How and what you choose to do is up to you. When ACFE launched these #100Scholarships I knew this was the beginning of how the world of these kids and their families would begin to change. As an Obama Scholar, I knew I wanted to change worlds and now I am doing it. Please, let's do this together. Thank you."

Stanley Ndambakuwa

Founder & CEO


We'll Change the World, Whatever it Takes.


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"Hope lies in our potential to raise disadvantaged lives..."

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