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Proud to announce the new ACFEG 2020 Strategy

Dear friends of ACFEG,

I have the pleasure to announce the launch of ACFEG’s new Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020. Our Board of Directors have worked tirelessly against an unprecedented leadership crisis to bring about the Strategic Plan. I am grateful. This document outlines our vision, mission and strategic goals, and priorities for the next four years. This strategy is a result of extensive consultation with interested parties including our advisors, and a review and analysis of the current position of the ACFEG, the dreams of founding Directors, and what needs to be done to get the work done.

This strategy is people-focused, and as we always committed ourselves to do “our beneficiaries come first.” We are prepared to give opportunities to those who wish to engage in processes that make African people thrive. This strategy will lead to creation of more than 200 policy documents in the next four years which will capacitate our country offices to deliver change.

We will work with partners worldwide and people from all walks of life to create a more sustainable future for the African children by:

  1. Strengthening ACFEG’s stakeholder involvement, global reach and community impact

  2. Improving ACFEG’s financial effectiveness and access to sustainable funding

  3. Capacitating operational efficiency globally

  4. Expanding local access and institutional capacity

These four strategic goals are responsive to the needs our communities, and the potential of our organisation to reach out to those who desperately need our services.

The world is facing the biggest challenge to impact positive social change on women and girls, but says 130 million girls are out of school. It is the reason why the ACFEG will invest more into the ‘Educate the Girl-Child Campaign’ and the African Community Education Scholarship, and complementary bursary programs. Sub-Saharan Africa will lead the change but four years later we are taking our impact northward. ACFEG brings a range of experience and expertise to this commitment by employing young leaders & young minds, and working with experienced Boards of Directors and Advisory Councils.

Achieving social change requires a strong leadership charged with a duty to serve and most of all, an unwavering commitment. 2 years ago, an American journalist Mark Macomber gave me a distinct opportunity to tell an American audience my aspirations to young people. I was plain and clear ‘I want to see a world where young people are groomed to think with a global focus.’ That is why the ACFEG will also invest in the African Leadership Program. Representations at Ryerson University in Canada, and University of Pennsylvania in the United States expressed their interest in this program two years ago. Their interest gave us the opportunity to think remodelling this program to an African context that would benefit aspiring young leaders globally. This program is designed more to prepare young leaders including our beneficiaries for future leadership roles in their communities. ACFEG will work with its network of leaders to bring entrepreneurial, coaching and mentorship experience.

To ensure accountability to this Strategic Plan, ACFEG will work along with set targets and performance goals to measure progress. Our new proposed initiatives and major principles will guide our approach. Our Strategic Plan is publicly available on our website.

I urge you to browse our strategy, and feel free to share with us your candid reactions. We appreciate your continued support and advice, and know that we can do better and more together. Our beneficiaries deserve more than what ACFEG alone can do.

Please join us, as we renew our commitment, and our promises to a generation of young people. An empowered African community is possible. We look forward to a great partnership with you,


Stanley Ndambakuwa

President & Group CEO

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