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A Natural Entrepreneur

From selling groceries out of a truck to advanced education 

Susan Javangwe outside her parents home.

Susan Javangwe was born in 1996 to a poor household in Zimbabwe. At 22 years old, she is already divorced and has a child who needs support from her.

She has been out of school since 2013 due to a severe lack of income. Her mother, Angela Nzvenge, tried to send her to school but could not do so, as she is unemployed. Her family even struggles to meet their day-to-day expenses. Her mother also suffers from tremendous emotional trauma since her husband ran away with another woman when Susan was in her adolescence. 

Susan got married in 2014 but divorced in 2016. She has since survived on selling groceries and beer at a rented truck shop. Her life has been miserable, and she is failing to provide for herself and her child.

The ACFE Group’s School Feeding Initiative helps students like Susan focus during classes.

She strongly desires to continue her education and is specifically interested in building her entrepreneurship skills at school. Susan enjoys working hard to meet her goals and earning excellent grades. She reckons that there is no other option in her life than to return to school and finish her education through the advanced level. Unfortunately, Susan not only needs continuous support for school tuition, but she also needs money to cover her food, accommodation, and other necessities.

Susan dreams of becoming a nurse. She aspires to contribute to a culture of patient safety and promote health to clients’ families and other caregivers. To gain the required clinical skills and become certified, she needs a sophisticated level of education. 

The African Community Fund for Education (ACFE Group) was eager to help Susan fulfill her dreams. Since they granted her an academic scholarship, Susan could return to school and provide for her child. The ACFE Group’s support with educational funds has not only helped Susan to realize her dreams, but it has also significantly contributed to shaping a better, brighter future for her young child.

Our main effort is our commitment to the dreams of young people. We hope to fulfill the dreams and futures of innocent children supporting the next generation of leaders.

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