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New York Architects, Todd Williams and Billie Tsien donate to ACFE Group

New York, NY. Tod Williams and Billie Tsien are the architects based in New York City, known for their work in designing museums and top educational institutions in the US. They currently completed a major project of designing the Obama Presidential Center which is to be built in the South Side of Chicago.

Tod Williams and Billie Tsien are the first to make the biggest donation to the African Community Fund for Education Group as individuals. Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects are a husband-and-wife architectural firm founded in 1986, based in New York. Tod and Billie began working together in 1977. Their studio focuses on work for institutions: museums, schools, and not-for-profits organizations.

Tod and Billie in their joint email to ACFE Group Founder, said 'How wonderful to have met Mrs. Obama and certainly what you are doing is so very much in line with her program and it's values.' The ACFE Group's work to educate girls complements the efforts of Former US First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama through the Global Girls Alliance which the Obama Foundation launched in 2018.

The ACFE Group working in partnership with the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago will be launching a joint program for girls in May 2019, the 1st Annual Girls Education Conference. The Global Girls Alliance is supporting progress toward the launch of the 1st Annual Girls Education Conference. Stanley Ndambakuwa and Dorri McWhorter, the CEO of YWCA Metropolitan are promoting this first conference as an investment in girls education with a focus to raise funds in support of access to education.

In a personal letter to Tod and Billie today, Stanley Ndambakuwa said, 'Our work could not be possible without the generous support of a caring community of people like you. When I started this work, I knew I was stepping into a world bigger than myself but I also believed in patient progress knowing there is more work to be done for the world we love. I am excited to see vision reach the world, and I can not wait to see where we go from here.'

Stanley Ndambakuwa is expecting to meet Tod Williams and Billie Tsien for the second time in New York by mid-year toward a continuous effort to support the #AfricanPartner fundraising initiative.

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