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Empowering disadvantaged children through education and leadership.

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Our mission is to minimize the impact of poverty by creating empowerment opportunities for the disadvantaged in marginalized communities through education and leadership development.


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The #100Scholarships initiative is our signature project, allowing 100 children from 21 villages to pursue an education. 70% of children in this group are girls whose likely alternative is early marriages.

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Our support to the [ACFE] is to see many lives changed by helping those who would otherwise not be able to go to school if no one helps them.

John Bucksbaum

John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum Family Foundation

Save a child who is at risk of a dropout from school due to COVID-19, and the financial challenges it creates.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global emergency.

Students and teachers across the country in Zimbabwe are out of school. They need to pay for tuition, buy stationery, school uniforms, and shoes for them to return to school after this crisis. Remote rural areas are facing extreme hunger.

For girls, staying at home puts them at risk of child abuse and exploitation, and increases the rate of child marriages. Let's keep them in school.


We launched #100Scholarships to help 100 children from 21 villages in rural Zimbabwe to attend school. They need school uniforms, shoes, and stationery. We give food to hungry students who walk long distances to school. Without your support, they would not go to school otherwise. Please help.

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Our leadership team includes executive leadership, the Board of Directors, and the Strategic Advisor.


A Family working hard to secure an education.




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~ Stanley Ndambakuwa

Education is a master key that can open many doors of opportunity, especially in a competitive and credentialed global village.




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