"It is imperative for us to take our part in the struggle for life and be part of the history that Africa is making today." - Stanley Ndambakuwa

A Summary of our Work today

South Africa

ACFE is working to empower communities in South Africa. Diepsloot is a squatter settlement in South Africa and a hosts thousands of low income disadvantaged families.


We are currently in the process of running one of our main education programs in South Africa. Join us as we work to expand our Education Program in more communities in South Africa. Our impact together will bring better results.


One of our prospective students in Diepsloot, Lorraine aspires to pursue a Degree in Nursing Science at the University of Witswatersrand. She says, she anticipates to help improve the health standards in her local community. Learn more


ACFE has started its work in Zimbabwe starting with a semi-rural mining community of Lalapanzi and other various settlements around the area. Settlements in this area have previously benefited from underground mining during the colonial Rhodesia and now face problems of unemployment. Some women and girls face abuse and fail to attend school, and few of the women are widows


ACFE currently has more than 8 beneficiaries spread across the provinces of Zimbabwe with a large number representing female students at primary and secondary level. The program is expected to expand into tertiary level in the next few coming years. Learn more





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