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Meet Tsungai Mugari

A Career in Hospitality - to Change the World

Tsungai was born on October 17, 2003. She resides at Stand Number 21, Village 6, Bushpark, Musena. Her father died when she was six years old so she stays with her unemployed mother. There are five children in her family, with Tsungai being the fourth. The family survives by working in other people's fields and herding their neighbor's cattle. Since May 2019, Tsungai has been working as a maid, earning 80 bond 
(equivalent to US$10 at the time of writing this story) per month. The money she earns assists her mother and sister in their day-to-day expenses. Tsungai dropped out of school in 2017 after completing her primary level education and wasn't able to return. She's good at soccer, netball, and volleyball. She looks forward to studying hospitality, specifically focusing on hotels and catering. She chose a career in hospitality because of her interest in tourism development. 

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