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Brigdet - Cambrai St Mathias School


Rejoice is doing Grade 2 at a local primary school but because of the financial constraints, she owes the schools a lot in unpaid fees and as such she is at times send-off making her to lose a lot in the process.


As a result Bridget has accumulated a year’s fees in areas which she is supposed to settle with the school. Being chased from school at times mean the girl will always be lagging behind her peers.





Shariff - Lalapanzi Secondary School


Sixteen year old Shariff lost both of his parents during his early childhood and is now living under the guardi-an of her elderly grandmother. The unemployed grandmother also feeds other children left behind by their deceased parents. The family has difficulties in securing food and it is almost impossible for them to be able to get any extra money which can be diverted to academics.

Shariff is doing Form Two at Lalapanzi Secondary where he owes the school a lot in arrears. He still hasn’t fully paid tuition fees from as far back as last year which has seen him missing a lot from classes as a result of being constantly in and out of school.




Ivy - Cambrai St Mathias Primary School


Ivy lives with both of her parents but are unemployed and survive through doing any work that would have arisen. One of the problems is that odd jobs are also hard to come by and there are difficulties in them secur-ing any. Ivy is not the only child in this family making it difficult to raise enough for her and her siblings to be able to attend school. 

Ivy is doing Grade Three at one local primary school but financial problems are affecting her progress. Being a beneficiary of low income citizens, Ivy’s potential in academics has been affected by lack of adequate fund-ing for her fees which sees her losing much from school during sending-off.




Rejoice - Hillview Primary School


Rejoice was raised by a single parent as her father was never known. Her mother later on abandoned the child and her whereabouts are not known to date. Rejoice is now living with her aunt who also has her family to look after. The family who took Rejoice in are led by an unemployed single parent making them a low in-come one making it even more difficult for them to be able to raise enough funds to see Rejoice attending school. 

Rejoice is doing Grade 2 at a local primary school but because of the financial constraints, she owes the schools a lot in unpaid fees and as such she is at times send-off making her to lose a lot in the process.




Beaular - Lalapanzi Secondary School


Beaular is a 17 year old girl currently doing Form Three. Her peers of the same age bracket are already doing advanced level but financial problems have hindered her as well. Beaular resides with her mother who is sick and unemployed. The father’s whereabouts are not known. Because her mother is unemployed and sick, Beaular is at times forced to drop from school to attend to her mother and at times to work for the family.

Money is never near sufficient for the family and Beaular’s education is sacrificed so that food could be put on the table for the family. This has made Beaular’s progress academically suffer a great deal though she has come out as an outstanding individual since the past years.



Courage - Hillview Primary School


Courage was left in the custody of his aunt after the death of both of his parents at a very young age. Current-ly the boy is to be in Grade Four but financial problems are hindering his academic progress. Courage’s aunt, Lucia who is taking care of Courage is herself unemployed and also has her own family to feed. Furthermore, Courage’s aunt is also a single parent and at times the family has food shortages as they have no income generating means.

Lucia earns the few dollars she gets through doing odd jobs around the communal lands and the problem is that unemployment rates in the communal lands is also high meaning there are very few available job oppor-tunities against a large pool of potential workers. As such school fees for Courage have been difficult to come by making the child to miss a lot of classes at times when the school sends home those with unpaid fees.



Monica - Hillview Primary School


Monica is an orphan having lost her mother when she was still a baby. Her father was never known and now lives with her grandmother. Monica attends Hillview Primary School where she is currently studying Grade 6. Due to financial challenges, Monica who is supposed to be sitting for her Grade 7 examinations this year will not be able to do so because she has not been able to fully finish her Grade 6 meaning she has to undertake it again.


Monica’s grandmother although elderly puts food on the tables through making grass brooms which she then sells. Although not much is realised from the process, she manages to feed the family but what is obtained is far too little to be able to be used for both household needs as well as for the child’s academia.


Shelton - Lalapanzi Secondary School


Shelton was brought up single handedly by his father after his mother abandoned both of them when he was still a baby. The major handicap in Shelton’s life is that the father is most of the time in hospital because of ill health. This has resulted in the boy being in and out of school as well, because the parent is failing to come up with both hospital bills as well as school fees.


Shelton who is supposed to be in Form Two is failing to get enough money for fees and owes the school two terms’ fees. When the father is well at times he is involved in piece jobs which can only bring day meals on the table but not enough to make a decent living. His everyday work earns a few, which makes him a low income citizen.


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Shariff Fees and Annual Expenses: US$830.00

Ivy Fees and Annual Expenses: US$725.00

Rejoice Fees and Annual Expenses: US$725.00

Beaular Fees and Annual Expenses: US$830.00

Courage Fees and Annual Expenses: US$725.00

Monica Fees and Annual Expenses: US$725.00

Shelton Fees and Annual Expenses: US$725.00





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