Today, I am excited to be part of the African Community Fund for Education Group community serving as Group Chairperson. I am convinced that I am becoming a part of a global community of people who believe anything is possible if we put our minds together. The African Community Fund for Education is a dynamic, practical, cross cultural and fulfilling place to make a difference in the community. Our vision is simple ‘To empower the African community’ through education and leadership development by availing education funds to the disadvantaged in marginalised communities. This results in widespread community impact and we anticipate results that multiply.


The current achievements and progress at ACFEG shows that you have rendered much support to this vision. But more work needs to be done especially in the next three years where I will be leading the Board of Directors and setting new goals for the organisation to reach your families, friends, relatives and the global community. I welcome you all to stay connected to our programs and activities. In the first year, I will start by improving and value to our current programs. If needed, I will make efforts to introduce new programs that come from recommendations from the community and our experienced Advisory Board. I will also be working with the former Chairperson and Board members to fulfil outstanding commitments.


ACFEG is entering into its last two years of completing its five-year strategic plan to lay a solid foundation to becoming a fully equipped member of the global humanitarian sector. The ACFEG stands ready to tackle the poverty challenge and deliver on it as a public purpose and sustainable commitment.


The Board of Directors under my leadership will strive to ensure that the ACFEG is enriched with resources, capabilities, experience, passion and determination that allow us to fulfil our visionary mandates. The ACFEG continues to focus on its uncompromising social standards, its vision and mission statement at the same time paying particular attention and emphasis on the challenges and actions relevant in our focus areas and regions in which we are located. We will continue to spread our impact to reach the beneficiaries of low income citizens, the disabled, orphans, victims of HIV/AIDS, and social abuse.


I am passionate about changing lives and making a difference, and I believe that through our efforts together, the challenges we face in Africa and the world shall come to pass. There’s hope in every action and commitment we take together. Let’s keep our focus in 2016 and more lives can be touched in a special way. I urge you to join us on this path to make a difference.




Ms Morongwa Makgamatho

Group Chairperson

Board of Directors


Welcome Statement from the Group Chairperson



‘Our aim is to leave a lasting legacy in the life of others, of the girl child, of children and young people, so that we can look back with pride and say ‘we made a difference’!

- Morongwa Makgamatho





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