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Stanley Ndambakuwa's personal story reveals: The role of education in liberating the poor in Africa

In a recent interview at ACTV in the United States of America, the President and Chief Executive of African Community Fund for Education, Stanley Ndambakuwa revealed his intentions to fight for the poor in Africa. Stanley started his life with financial challenges but that gave him an urge to learn how to fight for his position and others in similar predicaments. He deeply appreciates an education opportunity which was presented to him for his post-secondary education by the scholarship of the Government of Zimbabwe. Stanley believes he could not have made it in life without an education. Education widened his network, broadened his sphere of influence and made him to emerge as a great leader at Monash South Africa. He believes that in today's competitive and credentialed global village, education has opened many doors of opportunity for him. Stanley's vision is based on creating social programs for Africa's poor, mainly focusing on providing an education opportunity to those who need financial aid and have the potential to be future African/global leaders.

In Stanley's history of empowerment, this first interview has cited an unshakeable commitment and preparedness to work with the global community to gather funds that will enable the African Community Fund for Education to gain a greater mileage. Many fundraising programs are set in place this year and Stanley takes pride in the Dollar Campaign for Education which he launched in the United States of America on January 18th, 2014. The campaign is a global fundraiser which promotes and encourages world-wide citizens to donate at least a dollar. Stanley believes if we join hands together, it means a million of us can send the whole village to school. Stanley acknowledges the fact that though he has pursued a career in Geographical Information Systems, he could not help nurturing his personal experiences which continuously drives him to give back to the community. Mark Macomber who interviewed Stanley was amazed with the fact that Stanley is one of the few young people who have made a difference, and he complimented him as a person who has become a great leader already.

Ndambakuwa emerged at Monash University as a change leader by driving environmental campaigns as the President of the Society of Monash University's Geographers and Environmentalists for two terms. This position gave him credibility under his belt. He is a leader who will not only impact his community but the kind that surprises the world with even greater milestones in educating Africa and carrying the momentum of the African Dream. What makes Stanley a promising great leader as he stated in the interview is his ability to see an opportunity on becoming the next Mandela who will take a part in ushering in an African renaissance. Stanley says," I would not have done my part if I leave the poor in Africa poor." His passion is to change the lives of others as an extension from his testimony. He received an education opportunity that became his lifeline and for that reason he lives with a hope that he will give the same lifeline to other young people. Stanley is convinced that ACFE education and leadership program will be life changing for many families.

"My passion is to make education affordable, so that the brilliant minds of Africa can bring their share of influence into the global village."

Stanley said, "My passion is to make education affordable, so that the brilliant minds of Africa can bring their share of influence into the global village." He accepts that it is a great task and vision, but when words and action unite, this vision will save the poor in Africa and in the world. Without an education opportunity, Stanley believes he could not have made it in life. You can see the fire of tenacity in his eyes. He desires to spend his lifetime fighting to see the poor liberated. Their freedom ranges high in his priorities. His interview in the United States became a voice of the voiceless and a platform through which other young people can enlighten their visions and find balance. Stanley's work inspires young people and leaders around the world who want to see a paradigm shift in educating the world as well as a strong desire to bring a positive and impactful involvement in Africa.

You can watch the Interview for Stanley Ndambakuwa by ACTV, Mark Macomber online. Click on this link.

For further information go to can contact African Community Fund for Education at

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