African Leadership Program

African Leadership Program

African Leadership Program is a Leadership Program designed for the beneficiaries of the African Community Education Scholarship to reinforce their natural abilities of creativity and help fulfill their passions by preparing them as future African leaders working towards the fulfillment of the African dream.



To enhance and promote the abilities of passionate and creative students through coaching, training and mentoring.



To develop confidence and achieve the African dream through the empowerment of previously marginalised groups of the society.



  • To reinforce an ethic of service in the minds creative and innovative students

  • To nurture talent and direct student abilities towards the achievement of the Africa dream

  • To unlock potential of passionate students and unveil the greatness of potential future African leaders

  • To creative future African leaders by identifying talent and potential in our beneficiaries


Real and Perceived Outcomes

Recognising the importance of potential, talent and natural abilities in the process of human development. We make it a priority that while educating students, we identify other areas in which they can do better.


Our African Leadership Program helps to create future African leaders and developing an ethic of service in our people. On completion of our Leadership Program participants will be prepared for future leadership roles, and branded with qualities of Community Engagement, Participative Leadership and Service Learning.

Our Approach

Our Leadership Program includes activities such as giviving our beneficiaries access to mentoring by successful business leaders, entrepreneurship training, coaching, and life orientation. Participants will also take part in some residential projects in their local communities, attend summits and leadership sessions and serminars.






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