Operational codes, Principles, Policies

Includes principles of accountability, compliance, risk and audit policies, privacy, disclosure, disclaimer and other operating principles and policies.

Anti-Money Laundering

ACFE Group aims to deter, prevent and detect anti-money laundering. We act legally to fulfill our corporate goals, legal policies, and to fulfill our corporate, reputational and social responsibilities.

We embrace our efforts to ensure an effective accountability system on Compliance, Risk and Auditing.

Our governance structure specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities, and a structure through which corporations are set and pursue their objectives. Our corporate divisions include the Board of Directors, Advisory Board, the Management team, Auditors, Stakeholders, Partners and Sponsors.

Corporate Governance

Compliance and Risk Management

We commit ourselves to effective risk management to fulfill our corporate and operational goals as these are important for our company's reputation, performance, future success and legal accountability. Risk management enables us to enlarge our financial growth opportunities and enables us to achieve to achieve our objectives with full support of our partners, sponsors, the government and other stakeholders. We are also committed to comply with government regulations as set out on Tax regulations and the Non-Profit Act 71 of 1997.


The Board of Directors is accountable for the overall risk management strategy and is committed to ensure the success of our risk management strategy. The President & CEO in partnership with the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors are there to implement the strategy and its frameworks in risk control, mitigation and avoidance to ensure effective delivery.


Our Risk Management framework includes a 3-way approach on Compliance, Risk and Auditing as led and implemented by the CEO and the Board of Directors.


Our Compliance strategy focuses on corporate compliance, regulatory compliance and International compliance. Our regulatory compliance strategy entails our goal to ensure that our personnel are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws and regulations as set by the government and other regulatory bodies. Our corporate compliance strategy ensures full respect of our registered constitution and its enforcement to ensure a reputable corporate culture. Our International compliance strategy aims to ensure that we fulfill regulatory requirements in our country of operation.

ACFE is committed to minimise financial risk by ensuring accountability on our financial statements and full representation of our financial status by the relevant auditors. We strongly guard against inappropriate opinion on our financial statements to ensure organisational sustainability and accountability for our corporate partners. Our financial consultants, the Moyana and Associates Chartered Accountants (www.moyanaassociates.co.za) are there to ensure effective delivery of our financial services.

Our President & CEO takes the leading role in ensuring that an effective audit has been carried out annually. We foster an effective, systematic and independent examination of our data, statements, records, operations and performances for accountability and reporting purposes. Our Auditors Deloitte & Touche (www.deloitte.com/za) are a well reputable institution in auditing. Our audit is carried out according to the Auditing standards as set out by Deloitte & Touche.

We commit ourselves to fully respect the provisions of our constitution and to build successful African communities through education and leadership, and a prosperous organisation, founded on values of integrity, dignity of hard work, commitment and respect of the African dream. And imploring the guidance of the almighty God, we commit ourselves to the constitution as the fundamental law of our beloved company.



The Constitution





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