Millions of people accross the world have supported our Dollar Campaign for Education. Donate at least $10 today and join our team of supporters as a Change Leader.

Our focus on the Empowerment of the Marginalised is targeting the Emancipation of the Women and Girls in the African community.

Dollar Campaign for Education

The Campaign is a world-wide donation drive which is being implemented for the purposes of fundraising. In 2014/2015 alone we aim to reach more than 1 million individuals in Africa. While ACFE Group operates at a budget of $52 million per year, the Dollar Campaign for Education will help to reach more than 1 million people.


We invite everyone from around the world to help us in our initiative to reach at least 1 million disadvantaged people across Africa and in marginalised communities. Your support will be indispensable as we move towards a journey of full transformation through poverty eradication in Africa.

Donate at least $10 now

You can support this campaign by donating at least 10 dollars, or even more. You can donate $100, $1 000, $10 000 online on this secure website.

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Our cause in Africa is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger through developmental strategies which are designed to empower the human spirit. Understanding that most of Africa's population especially women and girls in other countries have not be able to go to school. We channel our efforts in making sure that women and girls are educated.


In 2014 - 2016, we aim to reach as many women and girls to afford them an education opportunity. United Nations statistics show that 70% of children in rural areas have no access to schools and formal education. More than 40% of the African population have no access to education. Yet we know that educated women immunize their children 50% more than women who are not educated. We believe education will make the change that we need in the 21st century.

Support our Cause - Education is a Lifeline

How ACFE Allocates its funds

Our finance policy ensures that 85% of all the funds we receive are allocated towards the sustainability of our programs. We allocate 85% towards programs and 15% towards support services, administration and fundraising activities.

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