"Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is about growing others." - Jack Welch

Mr. Stanley Ndambakuwa is the Founder and President of the African Community Fund for Education Group.


Stanley developed into leadership through Community Engagement, Service Learning and Participative Leadership. Stanley served as the President of the Society of Monash University's Geographers and Environmentalists, a student-led organisation that focuses on environmental sustainability in 2011, and from 2012 - 2013. He went on to serve as the Vice-President of the Monash University Student Organisation which works to inspire and mentor fellow students in 2012. Stanley participated in the Monash Alumni Student Mentoring Program which developed him as a mentor. He further served as a mentor for the Monash Residential Services in 2012 mentoring fellow students to help them address social and academic problems. With greater insights to change the lives of others, Stanley founded the ACFE Group in 2013 by a group of students from within Monash University at the South Africa campus and is currently pursuing programs leading Africa into the immediate empowerment of its people through education and leadership development, and with particular focus on the Empowerment of marginalised groups in the society which include destitute women and girls.


Stanley engaged with the corporate world since he was a student. He worked as an IT Services Assistant, Residence Mentor, Foundation Programme Tutor, Admissions Assistant, Call Centre Agent and IT Service Desk agent at Monash University between 2011 and 2013. Stanley also won few sporting awards at Monash University which include 1st Place at Monash 5km Campus walk in 2012. He also worked as an Assistant Carpenter at TMM Developments in Pretoria in 2009 before going back to Zimbabwe to take degree studies towards a Bachelor of Environmental Science honours at Bindura University of Science Education. While at secondary level, Stanley also worked as a farm labourer in the fields of Mogome, Radisele in Botswana which helped him to raise money for fees.


Today, Stanley has developed into being a Motivational Speaker through invitations in various schools where he is a mentor and an examplary leader to the young people accross the various parts of the world. Stanley's work, based on creating social programs for Africa greatly enriches the experience of leaders around the world who see ways of positive and impactful involvement in Africa.


Mr. Stanley Ndambakuwa

President & Group CEO

BSocSci. Geography & Environmental Science; Business Management & Entrepreurship (Monash University), BESci (Hons) Safety, Health & Environmental Management - BUSE

Ms. Susan Jere

Country Director - Zimbabwe

BEd. (Mathematics) - Midlands State University; Dip. Ed (Belvedere), Cert. Secretarial Studies

Ms. Lynn T. Shilline

Senior Vice-President

BSocSci. Child & Youth Development (Monash University)

"My Team is the 'A' Team."

Ms. Susan Jere is an experienced educator who has developed from teaching children the basics, understanding passion and engineering the keys to child development through advisory and counselling. Before joining the African Community Fund for Education, Susan has worked with children in rural schools including Chiodza Secondary school in Zimbabwe as a Health Advisor and Counsellor. 


Susan developed his career in education from being a part-time typist at a local secondary school in Harare (Hatfield High School) in 2003 - 2004 to becoming a Mathematics teacher in a rural school called Chiodza. With her experiences in education and knowledge of rural communities, she came to understand better the needs of the disadvantaged children in marginalised societies which makes her to realise her passion as a giver and change leader. Susan sets an example of a distinguished woman by taking the leading in a humanitarian organisation stemming from her personal experiences with marginalised groups of society.


Susan has been welcomed in the ACFE Group community as a change leader who will champion programs that have to do with the Empowernent of Women and Girls in marginalised societies. Her experiences makes her current profession as the Country Director to be a fulfilling passion. Susan role reminds of the effort the world is putting on programs have to do with the emancipation of women in society.

Mr. Givemore Fana

Asst. Country Director, Programs

BA. Sociology; Criminology & Criminal Justice (Monash University)

Mr. Thomas B. DeLoach

Head of Office - New York

Director of Fundraising & Private 

Sector Patnerships

BA (Organisational Behaviour & Change) - New York University, Associate pf Science (Business Adm) - Thomas Moore College

Mr. DeLoach has worked successfully in the New York City as an Outreach Associate with Goddard, a US-based non-profit organisation which provides services to the homeless. Before joining non-profit organisations, Thomas worked as a Sales man at Imagine Living Equities, o luxury real estate and marketing boutique. He also worked with City Experts, a division of the third largest tourism company in the New York City. Before moving to New York, Thomas had worked with COGNIS, acquired by BASF, the world's leading chemical company. Thomas' recent engagement with the NGO community gives him not only a helping heart but an experience in fundraising for causes. His deepest desire to achieve the success of black minorities makes him a role player in the future of black people world wide.


Lynn is the current Senior Vice-President at African Community Fund for Education  Group, and is responsible for the leadership of all departmental divisions which include Financial Planning and Management, Corporate Affairs, Education and Community Programs, and International Affairs. She oversees operations at the ACFE Group Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and program operations at ACFE Group Programs Office in Harare, Zimbabwe and our Fundraising Office in New York, United States of America.


Lynn is skilled with hands-on experience in community engagement stemming from her involvement as Community Outreach Officer at Monash University's Student organisation with a natural passion for serving kids. Lynn has served as the Head of Monash University's student volunteering service which strengthened her devotion to public duty. She has also participated in recognised community activities with various placements at the Autism School of Johannesburg, and a extensive corporate internship programme in Mozambique at ASEDECUMO. Lynn has also volunteered with the South African Riding for the Disabled Association (SARDA) and served as a Teacher in Children's Ministry of Mutambara Mission in Zimbabwe from 2006 - 2007.


Mr. Michael S. Speight

Acting Director: Financial Planning and Management

BCom Business Science - Professional Accounting (Monash University)

Michael is one of the Founding Directors of the African Community Fund for Education Group.


Michael is an experienced Financial Consultant and Administrator who has worked in various industries and positions ranging from insurance, investments, financial services and Auditing. Michael served with Telesure Investment Holdings as a Financial Administrator and Sales Consultant performing risk analysis for multiple insurance brands including First for Women, Budget Insurance, Dial Direct, Auto and General, and Prosper Insurance. He also worked as a Sales Consultant for ABSA Financial Services and other institutions which include TomTom, Apple Inc., Burchells’ Cider, Canon, Danone, Braun, Top Gear Festival, FIFA under 15 World cup, Tracker, British American Tobacco of South Africa, and Photographic Solutions. Michael also gained experience in Auditing and Chartered Accounting by working with firms which include Deloitte, KPMG, ADF and Associates. Through working at Telesure Investment Holdings, Michael earned 32 Credits in Financial Advisory for Short Term Insurance.


Ms. Candies M. Maela

Director of Education and Community Programs

BSc. Social Work (University of South Africa)

Candies is a recognised Social Worker in South Africa who is a member of the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP).


She has trained in various courses at the University of South Africa which include Public Relations and theoretical courses in HIV/AIDS and First-Line Management. Candies also trained and engaged in community activities through the Bright Site Project at the University of South Africa, organising events and chairing stakeholders. She was awarded various awards through the Bright Site Project and others including Global Issues Service Summit with the American International School of Johannesburg. Candies also completed In House training in Children’s Act 38 of 2005, and Child Justice Act 75 of 2008. She also worked as a Field Worker at the Junxion Research, Citizen Survey, and Footballer for Life, Catalyst Research and Market Research.


Givemore is a qualified Sociologist who has developed from a very humble background from being a relief teacher at various secondary schools including Taringana Secondary School to diverse cultures and understanding of the challenges brought by gender, race and cultural variations in societies. He worked as a Marketing Agent for Major Debt Collectors in Harare, Zimbabwe and as an Office Administrator at Monash University’s Community Outreach Office. Givemore is also a self-made entrepreneur. He also worked as a Sales Associate at Flexlink Electronics, and served as a member of the Monash University Child and Youth Development Association facilitating volunteer opportunities, and has also participated in major community engagement activities teaching children at elementary and secondary levels in deprived communities.













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