African Community Education Program is a grassroots community fund dedicated to improving education, development and opportunity for the disadvantaged in African communities.



To fight African poverty by providing education opportunity and improving literacy levels in marginalised areas. We believe educated communities have the capacity to fight poverty on their own.



To achieve a measurable education improvement in African communities through widening access for our education program to the disadvantaged in marginalised communities.


  • To reduce poverty and economic disadvantage by ensuring provision of education finance to disadvantaged Africans

  • To ensure that low income citizens such as mine workers, residents of remote rural peripheries squatter settlements, and the disabled are beneficiaries of our program

  • To offer education advancement opportunities to school leavers in disadvantaged communities who are financially disadvantaged and to enable them to attain a professional qualification.


African Community Education Program

Our Approach

Our education program will provide financial support, pay for the tuition fees for students, accommodation fees, medical aid fees, stationery fees and stipends or living expenses will be catered for.

Real and Perceived Outcomes

We see potential in participants of our programs of being change makers. Our participants will contribute to the sustainability of their local communities through our extended Alumni programs which will allow us an opportunity to help participants to pursue the African dream.


In an African community, we perceive educational opportunities reducing poverty and inequality. Our leadership program aims to equip participants with entrepreneurial skills that will allow them to act as business leaders.





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