So Many Ways to give time ...

Program Volunteer

Your skills are important to us and they can help us to build a successful African dream. We have various positions in which you can volunteer with us. You can volunteer in community programs or in general administration. ACFE Group has four departments which include Corporate Affairs, Education and Community Programs, International Relations and, Finance and Planning.


Fundraising Activities

The ACFE Group hosts a range of fundraising activities in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United States which include Fundraising dinners, conferences, Speaker events, and our most branded Dollar Campaign for Education.


Campaigns and Outreach

Advocacy is a greater part of our community and outreach activities. The ACFE Group works with passionate change leaders who are willing to give their voice, their time and their abilities to creating effective change in the African community. ACFE Group promotes advocacy in issues of poverty eradication, women and girls empowerment, gender, education and leadership.

Become a Volunteer

Come, join us and give your time for a good cause. Your help will change the face of Africa.


The world is different because people use time in different ways. Our volunteers will become a part of Service Learning and Community Engagement initiatives that we offer through our programs.


Gain corporate hands-on experience in finance management, compliance and auditing, risk management, corporate affairs, community relations, communication, international diplomacy and travel, human resources, legal and administration services. Work with our staff and improve your expertise in your field of study. We also provide student attachment to improve skills in the young generation.





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