ACFE Directions 2020

The ONLY influence we have over the future is the seed we choose to sow

ACFE Directions 2020 is our first publication released in 2013 when the ACFE was founded. It outlines the direction which the ACFE is taking until 2020. It also aligns with our Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016. Our direction is based on the four blocks below which are (i) Eradicating extreme poverty (ii) Educating the disadvantaged (iii) Creating future leaders (iv) Fulfilling the African dream

 Eradicating extreme poverty             Educating the disadvantaged            Creating future leaders                      Fulfilling the African dream

We anticipate to eradicate poverty through human development


It is our mandate to educate the African people’s through our African Community Education Program (ACEP). Establish an independent platform through which people realise their potential, and identify opportunities that will transform their lives.

The ONLY influence we have over the future is the seed we choose to sow. We believe the future of Africa is in the leaders that we nurture to day for tomorrow. We intent to empower great African statesman who embrace the quality of fulfilling the African dream which is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger in Africa.


Our African Leadership Program (ALP) is designed to turn desires into abilities. The main goal of this program is to affirm and strengthen confidence in existing abilities and foster an ethic of service which helps participants to effect positive social change and expand the vision towards the attainment of the African dream

Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger is the biggest everyday challenge to Africa and we face it head on.


Our realisation of past experiences of slavery, imperialism, war and famine, and apartheid confirm that Africa has always been in gross negativity which intensified because of lack of education but we are turning the tables.


Education is the empowering tool that has been in our grasp in most African nations but we believe that educating our people is the catalyst of change that will bare the challenges and obstructions of Africa.

Our focus is to educate the African communityTo target citizens in the poorest and disadvantaged communities which include the marginalised in mining settlements, and remote rural peripheries.


In as much as the President believes that opportunity is found in the most unusual places, we think of the great world changers who will come from the poorest economies and understand what it means to change the lives of others.





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