Meet Stanley Ndambakuwa - President & Group CEO

Stanley Ndambakuwa was born in Mvuma, Zimbabwe into a deprived environment where he suffered financial challenges at an early stage in his life. By using a natural instinct of innovation, Stanley started his educational journey by helping his parents to work in the fields in communities to raise money for secondary education. Post-secondary education was a great challenge for him financially, but a local District Head, Mr. Zvidzai identified his need and helped him to receive an academic scholarship from the Presidential Scholarship Programme under the Government of Zimbabwe in 2010. Given this privilege, Stanley worked diligently and completed a double degree of Bachelor of Social Science in Geography and Environmental Science, and Business Management & Entrepreneurship at Monash South Africa in 2013.


Stanley was an active student elected twice as President of a student organisation called Society of Monash University Geographers and Environmentalists which helped him to unleash his creativity and leadership abilities for 2 years. In addition to his developing skills, he served as the Vice-President of Monash FOG on Campus in 2012 and helped to mentor more than 80 students under the auspices of the African Revival in Johannesburg. Stanley participated as a Mentee in the Monash Alumni Student Mentoring Program which helped him to understand more about the problems of other youths, and to become a Residence Mentor at Monash South Africa Residential Services, where he mentored fellow students on personal and academic challenges.


Having worked in various communities, he learnt more about other youths who are living in poverty and with this insight he began to seek for ways to change the lives of others. Stanley joined hands with a fellow students of similar deprived background at Monash South Africa and founded the African Community Fund for Education (ACFE Group) in 2013 which focuses on empowering the African community through education and leadership development. He was mentored by Rev. Andrew Wutawunashe, author of Dear Africa who taught him to live the African dream, to love it and to own it. Stanley has a passion to help educate underprivileged children by raising funds. His deepest desire is to make education affordable so that the brilliant minds of Africa can bring their share of influence to the global village.


African Community Fund for Education Group is an International Non-Governmental Organization which is registered in Johannesburg, South Africa with tax exemption and audited by Deloitte. Its core existence lays on availing education funds to the disadvantaged in marginalized African societies. Stanley went on to launch a global fundraising campaign in the United States of America in January 2014 which is called, the Dollar Campaign for Education which was supported by churches, institutions and the business community. The campaign is a global fundraiser that raises funds with a goal to reach a significant population of the people in need including children of low income citizens, orphans who are victims of HIV/AIDS and abuse, girls who have cultural disadvantages, and the voiceless children with disabilities.


Considering that 70% of children in rural areas have no access to schools and formal education, and more than 40% of the African population being mostly uneducated women and girls living in poor communities and facing challenges of abuse, gender inequality and violence, there is an urgent need to take action. If educational opportunities are given to girls, the impact on nuclear families and the community will be undeniable. On the other hand, men and boys who are uneducated tend to seek refuge in drugs and crimes. If education is available then families can be transformed even by one educated child exercising “Ubuntu”. ACFE Group promotes the idea that education and leadership training are the two important elements which we can use to eradicate poverty in Africa and in the world.


In a recent interview with Mark Macomber at ACTV in the United States, Stanley said, ‘He would not have done his part if he will leave the poor in Africa poor.’ That's a great vision, and one which can save the poor in Africa and in the world. Without an education opportunity, Stanley believes he could not have made it in life which makes him to spend his lifetime fighting to see the freedoms of the poor. His interview in the United States became a voice of the voiceless and platform through which other young people can enlighten their visions and find balance. Stanley’s work inspires those young people and leaders around the world who seek for ways of positive and impactful involvement in Africa.


Stanley knows how it feels to have the desire to go to school without the means for paying tuition. He was the first to have a college degree in his family and he has managed to support his parents, sisters and now he is focusing on the community. He believes that there are many who can share his dream if they are given the power of knowledge that is found in education. It did not seem like Stanley had a future but education made it possible for him and he realized that there are many who share similar stories and by shared experiences, Stanley is convinced that an education opportunity is significant for human development. Education made him to gain freedom and access to a decent income.  Now Stanley says, "Education is a master key that can open many doors of opportunity especially in a competitive and credentialed global village. It takes one man or woman to educate one child and with each one of us sharing one dollar, a million of us can send a village to college and out of those students will emerge world leaders.”





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